12 ft Tall Nut Man for Bolt Supply House


We at ATBC love what we do and take great pride in every project which comes through our doors.  We work hard to assist you in transforming your ideas into a creative reality.

To date we haven’t found the limits of production yet – we have built the largest dinosaur sculpture which was 72 ft. long and an eagle with a 70 ft. wing span.  We will tackle the jobs the other guys won’t even look at.  The larger the better – for these types of projects pose the greatest challenges and we are always up for a good challenge.

Our company has produced award winning parade floats, museum exhibits, TV and movie props, business signage/props, industrial models, mini golf attractions to artists foam point-ups.  Our facility can mill numerous types of material from wood, plexie glass, aluminum, stone, foam and wax to name the most common.



Artist Point-ups

Our company works with artists all over the globe and their work encompasses sculptures which cover the 4 corner of the world from Calgary, AB Canada to Las Vegas, NV to Singapore to Italy.  We replicate their original works of art to any size required for the project; from small reductions to any size enlargement needed.  Our materials range from low density bead foam to high density polyurethane board which carves beautifully.  Our 3-D color scanners use state-of-the-art technology and we can normally show you a 3-D image of your sculpture within 24 hours.  All of our projects have steel armatures inside of them for extra stability when applying clay to the project and for mounting them to platforms from which to work from.  We pride ourselves on working with each and every client in every way in order to make their project come to life!!!!


Artist Point Ups

3-D Terrain Maps

Solid terrain model are great tools to give the public a comprehensive understanding of any geographical area represented.  They are realistic and accurate and we use the latest digital technology on the market.  Our maps are made from high—density polyurethane foam board to which then the image is applied to the surface.  Once the image is applied to the foam a protective, transparent coating is adhered to the surface for the touch-ability effect.


3D Terrain Maps


3-D props and Signage

Need your business to get notices/stand out more???  Are you going to a trade show???  Need to increase sales via larger customer base in these trying economic times????  Then our 3-D advertising displays are so EYE-CATCHING that your business will POP!!!   Our creations are mad3e from light to medium density foam, then milled and then hand assembled to make your creations a reality.  Then they’re hard-coated with a special coating that increases its durability and strength.  Our expert painter will finish your project to your desired specification and then a protective, transparent outer shell is applied to withstand any climatic conditions for years to come without the worry of fading or loss of integrity of the creation.

R2D2 Prop
3D Props and Signs